Whether you choose to build an on-premises solution, a hybrid cloud, or cloud solution for your business needs, if you don’t involve Information Security and Risk Management from beginning to end, your business will be infiltrated and exploited at some point.  

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Only 3% of the
2.6 Billion known breach records in the US in 2017 were encrypted

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SOURCE: Identity Theft Resource Center


Be prepared
AND take proactive steps
to plan for the inevitable.


From endpoint solutions, Cloud, Mobile Device Management, and Security Awareness Training, to proven IoT Threat Modeling and IT Governance Risk and Compliance, KENOS Technologies, LLC is the ‘one stop shop’ to meet your secure business needs to mitigate security breaches.  




No one is safe from Information Security breaches. As compliance requirements for your business are often public knowledge, hacktivists, nation states, terrorists and potential thieves of your Intellectual Property know that businesses follow the ‘I’ll do enough to be compliant’ mantra. Dedicated adversaries will target you from different points to determine your companies weakest link. Here is a breakdown of the most successful means and methodologies to infiltrate organizations in order of most to least successful from Jan – May 2018:

  1. Malware / Point of Sale

  2. Ransomware

  3. Account Hijacking

  4. Mobile Code Exploitation

  5. SQL Code Injection

  6. Denial of Service

  7. Brute Force

  8. Zero-Day Attacks


Most of these vulnerabilities can be mitigated quite effectively and KENOS Technologies, LLC can help.