Whether you choose to build an on-premises solution, a hybrid cloud, or cloud solution for your business needs, if you don’t involve Information Security and Risk Management from beginning to end, your business will be infiltrated and exploited at some point.  

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Only 3% of the
2.6 Billion known breach records in the US in 2017 were encrypted

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SOURCE: Identity Theft Resource Center


Be prepared
AND take proactive steps
to plan for the inevitable.


From endpoint solutions, Cloud, Mobile Device Management, and Security Awareness Training, to proven IoT Threat Modeling and IT Governance Risk and Compliance, KENOS Technologies, LLC is the ‘one stop shop’ to meet your secure business needs to mitigate security breaches.  




No one is safe from Information Security breaches. As compliance requirements for your business are often public knowledge, hacktivists, nation states, terrorists and potential thieves of your Intellectual Property know that businesses follow the ‘I’ll do enough to be compliant’ mantra. Dedicated adversaries will target you from different points to determine your companies weakest link. Here is a breakdown of the most successful means and methodologies to infiltrate organizations in order of most to least successful from Jan – May 2018:

  1. Malware / Point of Sale

  2. Ransomware

  3. Account Hijacking

  4. Mobile Code Exploitation

  5. SQL Code Injection

  6. Denial of Service

  7. Brute Force

  8. Zero-Day Attacks


Most of these vulnerabilities can be mitigated quite effectively and KENOS Technologies, LLC can help.  



KENOS offers experienced IT Governance, Risk and Compliance for your US government, commercial, manufacturing, retail, hospitality operations. We provide experienced personnel to meet your needs, including global resources. KENOS integrates your IT GRC needs across all stakeholders to ensure business performance for the ever-evolving threat landscapes, technological and business developments, and regulatory changes. Our overall objective is to provide your company with a real Return On Investment (ROI) through positive qualitative and quantitative changed processes.  

Security Awareness Training

Companies and government organizations both large and small who fall into one or more compliance requirements to conduct their business needs currently find themselves spending significant percentages of their time, money and resources on IT Security. Unfortunately, even the most prolific IT GRC and IT Security tools implemented by companies defeated by ‘The Human Factor,’ via successful Phishing and Social Engineering tactics by Advanced Persistent Threats (nation-state, well-funded organized crime or a combination of both.)  

Cloud Security Solutions and Strategies

49% of companies existing security tools are not effective in a cloud environment

45% of companies say threats take too long to investigate with on-premises tools

KENOS can clarify what critical assets you need to protect and prioritize the security measures you should take should you consider migrating your security solutions to the cloud.  

Expert Witness

KENOS provides declarations, affidavits, and Independent assessments of compliance with consent decrees, agreements, court orders, contractual obligations, and other requirements can be provided additionally. 

KENOS is listed as an Expert Witness with Thompson Reuters and ALM.

KENOS also partners with KT-Designs (kt-designs.org) to provide Litigation Graphics to deliver easy-to-follow demonstratives. 

Taming the GDPR/EU Privacy Shield and Data Privacy ‘Beast.’

KENOS offers your company the most direct path to GDPR compliance, utilizing a combination of IT and IT Security tools, along with an experienced team of experts to work with your legal and compliance departments. If your company is US-based, KENOS can help you register with, and provide a complete attestation to the US Department of Commerce EU Privacy Shield. 

Virtual / Interim CISO

Whether your company is looking to fill a vacant CISO position for an interim period, or you want to ‘try on’ the concept of having a first-time CISO after a breach, KENOS can provide you with experienced, C-Suite cybersecurity personnel either virtually on an as-needed basis, or as full-time, on-site for a specified timeframe. All KENOS CISO’s have 15 years experience or more in the IT and Cybersecurity field.  


KENOS Technologies, LLC, based in Winter Park, Florida, provides IT Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) and Cloud Security expertise to meet your business needs.

We help you build successful, compliant and scalable Information Security Solutions the first time.  

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With almost 20 years of experience with government and private industry requirements, standards, guidelines and best practices, President and Founder of KENOS Technologies, LLC, Kalani Enos offers a unique and simplified approach to Risk and Compliance with an emphasis on effective cloud security, mobile device management and expert witness testimony.



KENOS has extensive expertise in multiple major industries:

  • Financial institutions

  • US Government agencies and contractors

  • Big Data

  • Hospitality

  • Legal (Expert Witness)


  • ISC(2) CISSP and CCSP

  • CompTIA A+, Network +, Security +

  • CEH v7

  • ServiceNow IT Service Management, IT Operations Management, ITGRC.


All KENOS professional consultants meet baseline standards Information Security field for more than 10 years before joining the team. All members of the staff hold active CISSP certifications.